The Space Show

The Space Show is a one-hour radio program presented every Wednesday evening between 7.00 and 8.00 pm Australian Eastern Time by Andrew Rennie for 88.3 Southern FM and the Space Association of Australia Inc.

The program aims to promote a public understanding of spaceflight and astronomy and to provide the public and members of the Space Association with up-to-date news, interviews and features of space-related events. To do so it covers a wide range of current space and astronomical activities.


How to listen to The Space Show

Listen live every Wednesday evening between 7.00 and 8.00 pm AET on Southern FM or TuneIn:


Each week, the latest episode will be available here on demand as a podcast:

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About The Space Show

The Space Show began in 1991 as a fortnightly half-hour program on Sunday afternoons. Within a few months, it had so impressed the station's Programming Committee that it was promoted to one hour per week, and on November 13, 1991, switched to Wednesday evenings. It has never missed a week since.

The producer and presenter is Andrew Rennie. Peter Aylward travels internationally to secure material, while in the past Alan Walker and Simon Winn kept the show on track by twiddling the knobs back in "Mission Control", making the occasional solo foray onto the airwaves, and digitally transferring material around the world.

The Space Show includes: space and astronomy news; interviews; recordings of lectures; the night sky; media alerts or previews; media reviews; historical documentaries; explanations of the science behind the space events and astronomical discoveries; Space Association and community event notices; and occasionally music.

Needless to say, most of the material broadcast is exclusive to The Space Show. They will not be heard on any other station because we record most of our own material and also because no other Australian radio station devotes an hour per week to covering space and astronomy.

88.3 Southern FM broadcasts in stereo at 88.3 MHz on the FM band. We can be received in most areas of Metropolitan Melbourne provided the listener has an efficient radio receiver with a vertical antenna. 

In 1995 we moved into new studios. The move resulted in better production facilities being available, allowing a higher standard of program to reach the listener.

During 1998 the studios were equipped with minidisc players, replacing the aging "cart" machines. We also installed a satellite dish, which allowed us to access programming from ComRadSat, the Community radio satellite network, relayed via an Optus satellite.

During 1998 The Space Show recorded many events at the International Astronautical Federation Congress in Melbourne. We invite you to take a look at some of the items we recorded there. 

In 2005 we again moved studios, this time to Mentone. A transmitter shift and upgrade have recently been made. At about this time we also began streaming live on the Internet

In 2010 both Andrew and Peter travelled to the Kennedy Space Center to report on the rundown of the Space Shuttle program, and the changes President Obama is bringing to the United States Space policy. Andrew's Diary of the month he spent in Florida is posted here. It is liberally illustrated by his own photos.

We often use other material supplied by mainly NASA, ESA, STScI and JAXA. Such use is acknowledged in the program listings below.

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The Space Show Archives

To see what items were broadcast on any given date, and to listen to some of them, we invite you to follow the links below:

Precursor Audio

1991 Interviews | 1991 Lectures | 1991 Documentaries

1992 Interviews | 1992 Lectures | 1992 Documentaries

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1994 Interviews | 1994 Lectures | 1994 Documentaries

1995 Interviews | 1995 Lectures | 1995 Documentaries

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1997 Interviews | 1997 Lectures | 1997 Documentaries

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2000 Interviews | 2000 Lectures | 2000 Documentaries

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2004 Interviews | 2004 Lectures | 2004 Documentaries

2005 Interviews | 2005 Lectures | 2005 Documentaries

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2014 Interviews | 2014 Lectures | 2014 Documentaries

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2016 Interviews | 2016 Lectures | 2016 Documentaries 

2017 Interviews | 2017 Lectures | 2017 Documentaries 

2018 Interviews | 2018 Lectures | 2018 Documentaries 

2019 Interviews | 2019 Lectures | 2019 Documentaries

When The Space Show began, there was a clear distinction between interviews, lecture recordings and documentary features. For several years now the boundaries between these three categories have become blurred, so we have decided to dispense with these categories and from 2020 list all programmes in chronological order in one annual list.

2020 Programming

2021 Programming

2022 Programming

2023 Programming

2024 Programming


Sponsorship Opportunity: The Space Show has available up to four minutes an hour of sponsorship. We invite you to contact the radio station to discuss terms.

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