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Apollo11t shirt
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Apollo 11 Commemorative T-shirt (for in-stock sizes only)


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This Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative T-shirt features our own unique design that captures the important role that Australia played in the first human landing on the Moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the afternoon of 21 July 1969 (AEST).

It depicts the tracking station dish at Honeysuckle Creek near Canberra, Australia that received the TV signal from the Apollo lunar module Eagle as Armstrong took that historic first step and giant leap. The flags indicate the close partnership between Australia and the United States during the entire Apollo program.

Product Description: A high quality and comfortable surf t-shirt

Fabric: 190 gm | 100% Combed Cotton 

Colour(s): Available in Charcoal only

Sizes: XS / S | These sizes are available for pick up at meetings and events of the Space Association in Melbourne or posted to you anywhere within Australia for $9.95